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A mental health crisis could be considered a situation in which someone feels that they are losing control of themselves, and are considering harming themselves or others.  It is important to know how to respond in these situations.  

Mobile Crisis is a mental health crisis response team that will travel to where an individual is, in order to help them work through the crisis.

The following link will provide the contact information for your NC county's Mobile Crisis Unit

Click on the link below for more information on how to help someone who is considering suicide or self-harm
Crisis Prevention and Intervention
Who We Are & What We Do

LifeQuest, Inc. is a CARF-accredited Psychosocial Rehabilitation Program for adults with severe and persistent mental illness. Our mission is to help adults achieve the self-empowerment needed to enable them to live a successful, rewarding life.
May is Mental Health Awareness Month!

It is especially important to "stand up against stigma" associated with Mental Illness, because this stigma can be a major obstacle to people getting the treatment they need.  Here at LifeQuest, Inc., we are dedicated to working with those in recovery from mental illness, so that they may be able to function in the community of their choice.  You can stand up against stigma, and show your support to a loved one who is affected by mental illness by listening, spending quality time, acknowledging life goals and dreams, increasing your knowledge and understanding about their diagnoses (as well as what is helpful or not helpful for those with these diagnoses), and by being sure to focus on the strengths and positive qualities of your loved one.  Its also highly important to take time to care for yourself and your needs, as well.  Having encouragement and support from family and friends can significantly aid in the process of recovery!