LifeQuest, Inc.
Psychosocial Rehabilitation
GED Program
LifeQuest offers an on-site GED program to its consumers through Beaufort County Community College.  The instructor, Vanessa Jennings, was hired and is trained by Beaufort County Community College.  Mrs. Jennings started the GED program at LifeQuest in October 2010.  The GED program offers adults an opportunity to complete their high school education.  Its purpose is to provide adults with a second chance to complete their basic education.  GED graduates qualify  for employment in a variety of positions, just as a traditional high school graduate would.  GED classes are offered year round at no charge to the consumer.

The daily schedule Monday through Thursday consists of instructional time and group activities.  Fridays are oriented towards outings and activities which expose the consumers to community interaction.  This enables staff to evaluate consumers in the areas of money management and social interaction skills. 
Community Outings
An important aspect of our program is community involvement.  Fridays are our community outing days.  We take this time to visit many different places within our community.  We have enjoyed visiting local businesses, going out to eat, shopping, going to the fair, bowling and much more.  Consumers also look forward to our annual beach trip each summer. This allows consumers the opportunity to interact with people in the community.  It also gives them a sense of responsibility and importance.  
Our Services
LifeQuest services include the following
Social Skills;
Money Management;
Time Management;
Anger Management;
Vocational Skills;
Daily Living Skills;
Character Building Skills;
Personal Care Skills;
Community Living Skills;

Reading, Writing, Math,
as well as Typing, and Computer Skills are just some of the excellent opportunities at LifeQuest, Inc.
Assistance with skills is offered through class and instructional time, group activities, role playing, self-help videos, leadership opportunities, and a work program.
Consumers help maintain LifeQuest's Website.