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Psychosocial Rehabilitation Program
230 E. 8th St. Washington, NC 27889
Phone:  252-975-8080
Fax:  252-975-8055
Crisis Prevention and Intervention
A mental health crisis could be considered a situation in which someone feels that they are losing control of themselves, and are considering harming themselves or others.  It is important to know how to respond in these situations.  

Mobile Crisis is a mental health crisis response team that will travel to where an individual is, in order to help them work through the crisis.

The following link will provide the contact information for your NC county's Mobile Crisis Unit

Click on the link below for more information on how to help someone who is considering suicide or self-harm

Feeling Worthless
Constantly Tearful
Feeling Hopeless
easily agitated
Tired all the time
Feeling useless
Nothing is fun anymore
Can't focus as well
Thinking about giving up--a lot.
Lonely, but want to be alone
Listen to me--I need to talk.  Even if what I am saying doesn't make sense to you.
Know that I wish I had the energy
Be supportive of me
Please don't get frustrated with me...I am already frustrated with myself.
Show Empathy
Don't push me, but encourage me
Let me share about what would be helpful for me, as I try to work through this.
National Disability Employment Month
October 2016
At LifeQuest, Inc., we recognize that there are many challenges that people with disabilities face when seeking employment.  This includes those who have mental health diagnoses.  In our PSR program, we provide assistance with pre-vocational skills by providing opportunities to volunteer, as well as employment opportunities in our Contract Labor program.  These opportunities assist people with practicing skills that are necessary for employment in the community; these also increase self-confidence in the ability to successfully maintain a job.  When providing these opportunities, we have seen that a great majority of our members are motivated to work, and have shown themselves to be diligent workers. There are also programs within the community that specifically help individuals with this transition back into employment, such as Vocational Rehabilitation, Supported Employment, and Sheltered Workshops.  
Don't Give up on me