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LifeQuest, Inc.
230 E. 8th St. Washington, NC 27889
Phone:  252-975-8080
Fax:  252-975-8055
Email:  LifeQuestinc@yahoo.com

Hours:  Monday-Friday (8:30am-2:30pm)

LifeQuest, Inc. is currently composed of three Qualified Professionals and six Support Staff, all who are trained and certified to serve a population with mental health needs.  Each Support Staff is in charge of two groups that alternate weekly.  These groups address activities and needs pertaining to regaining independence and functioning, and focus on each member's Person-Centered treatment plan goals.  We assist our members with success by working with them on these goals, one step at a time.
Our current groups include:
  • Educational Goals (basic and advanced)
  • ​Pre-Vocational training and Teamwork
  • Vocational Treatment (finding wellness through purposeful activity)
  • "Basic" Life Skills
  • Social Skills in the Community and Relationships
  • ​Community Resources and Outreach
  • Mental Health Education and Wellness